The Feminization of the Community Work Force

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections Pages: 4 (653 words) Published: October 23, 2012
In the periodical titled “The Feminization of community Corrections Work Force,” by Jo .

G Holland, he speaks of how the corrections system is dominated by the male gender. It is clear

upon reading that in every aspect of the criminal justice system, men have the upper hand and

basically run the system. In any prison facility, lawyers office, police station, congress and so on

men are very familiar faces. It is very rare that you will come across a place of this nature where

half of the employees are women, you would be lucky to find a ratio of two women to every ten

men. It is said that men dominate this field because men are expected to commit crime and

women are not (Holland, 2008). I beg to differ, women should be given the same opportunity that

men are given because women are capable of doing everything that a man is able to do, in some

cases even better.

In current times, you will find that more and more women are being employed in our

prisons and jails. Once they are employed they do face a very harsh reality. The work force is

very difficult for women in the first place, so when faced with working in a male dominated field

women face very challenging situations. When it comes to promotions, women are not treated

like a man would be in the very same field; nor are they given the same support systems or

networking opportunities as men (Holland, 2008). A man will be presented with the option to

join in networking opportunities to be able to expand his scope of work. On the other hand a

woman would indeed be passed over for this opportunity.

Also women face sexual harassment as in issue in the correctional facilities (Holland,

2008). It is very rare that a man employed in a prison facility will experience sexual harassment

for the simple fact that he is a man. When a woman is employed in a prison or jail, she faces the

chance of being harassed sexually by staff and...
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