The Feasibility of Guava

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The Feasibility of Guava [ Psidium Guajava L. ] and Rosemary [ Rosmarinus Officinalis ] Extract as an Air Freshener

Arizza Rhen H. Sanguyo
II – I Diamond

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
In Biology

Marikina High School
F Torres St. Concepcion I , Marikina City

June, 2012

Ms. Jacqueline Ladera
Research Adviser

The Feasibility of Guava [ Psidium Guajava L. ] and Rosemary [ Rosmarinus Officinalis ] Extract as an Antimicrobial Air Freshener Abstract

I conduct this study because I observed that other public places are smelly. Not just in public places but even in our homes. Some kitchens are also smelly because of what we cook and what we eat. If our kitchen utensils are dirty, it can cause disease like diarrhea. That’s why I’ve decided to make an antimicrobial air freshener using organic materials instead of using some chemical. It will not also be antimicrobial but it will also help people because they will breathe fresh and scented air. It will also help people by making a low-cost air freshener. It is very cheaper than other air freshener because high-cost fresheners contains chemicals unlike the air freshener out of organic materials. It will also by people knowing that Guava [ Psidium Guajava ] and Rosemary [ Rosmarinus Officinalis ] can kill bacterias and fungi that many people can benefit. This will be made by using the two organic materials; Guava [Psidium Guajava] and Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis] . I use Guava [Psidium Guajava] because this fruit has a nice smell and it can also be antimicrobial. This will be result to an antimicrobial,sweet and scented air freshener with the combination of two organic materials; the Guava [Psidium Guajava] and Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis]. This two can kill bacterias and fungis.They are also both fragrant.This would be unlike to other freshener which has strong odors but using organic materials which has sweet smells.


I.Background of the study

We all know that air fresheners are common in cars and in our homes. When we have air fresheners, we feel comfortable because it gives us a great and fresh scent. Air fresheners are expensive that we cannot afford. It also contains chemicals and has a strong odor. That’s the advantage and disadvantage of air freshener with chemicals.

Air fresheners using organic materials can also give fragant scents like other commercial air freshener but this one does not contain chemicals and it’s scent is sweet not strong like commercial air freshener.That is why I’ve conducted this study not just because of sweets smell but also for people to know that organic materials has an ability to be an air freshener. Guava [Psidium Guajava] is usually 4 to 12 centimetres long, are round or oval depending on the species. The outer skin may be rough, often with a bitter taste, or soft and sweet. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, is usually green before maturity, but becomes yellow, maroon, or green when ripe.Guava fruit generally have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less sharp. Guava pulp may be sweet or sour, tasting something between pear and strawberry, off-white to deep pink , with the seeds in the central pulp of variable number and hardness, depending on species.

Rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis] an aromatic evergreen shrub that has leaves similar to pine needles. Forms range from upright to trailing; the upright forms can reach 1.5 m tall, rarely 2 m.The leaves are evergreen, 2–4 cm long and 2–5 mm broad, green above, and white below, with dense short woolly hair. The plant flowers in spring and summer in temperate climates but the plants can be in constant bloom in warm climates; flowers are white, pink, purple or deep blue.

Both of this two organic...
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