The Fear Of Success

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The Fear of Success

25. It’s just a number. But when you think of it as an age a million thoughts come into people’s minds. Degree, Job, House, Relationship, Finances. All very different aspects, but all have to do with this big, pressure filled world we live in. What Society Expects

Society. The harshest critic you will ever face. Society has expectations for the youth of our nation. By age 25, society expects you to have a 4 year degree in a subject that will provide you with a stable career, also to have moved out of your parents’ house, living on your own, leaning towards buying a house. Society might also expect you to be in a serious relationship, having plans of marriage and kids in your near future, and having a job that gives you a decent salary. This all may seem like a lot, because it is. Society expects you to accomplish this by age 25. Most people are unable to accomplish this because of the pressure society puts on them. Society defines what an individual’s success should be. They think everyone’s success should be fairly similar. That in order to be happy and successful we have to follow the cycle of society to move out of our parents’ house, get a stable job, and get a “grown up” job.

Rediscovering Who You Are
25 is a very young age at which people are still trying to discover who they are. Society feels there is no room to be discovering and rediscovering who you are. Their interpretation of success is being absolutely 100% sure of who you want to be in society and sticking with it. There is no room for changing your mind. Some people are trying to rediscover who they are. These rediscoveries can change a person’s definition of success. Things that you strived for and made you happy have changed which brings you right back to the beginning of your timeline, on your starting point of adulthood. Being set back on this timeline would make you a failure in society’s eyes. As soon as you get out of high school you have to know what you...
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