The Fault In Our Stars Reflection

Topics: Death, Personal life, Love Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: January 25, 2015
In the aspiring novel The Fault in Our Stars written by New York Times bestselling author John Green, coping with mortality plays a key role in the lives of Hazel, the cancer patients, and their loving families. Throughout this insightful book, the message of how human beings have to set aside universal injustices to live their temporary lives to the fullest is progressively taught. Being that Hazel and Augustus are very similar people, they are able to simultaneously share their happiness together in many ways. Throughout the entire novel, the two of them regularly contemplate their mortality which furthermore helps them to cope with their horrific struggle. In the beginning, Hazel spends her life in misery and devotes an abundance of her free time thinking about death. All her mother wants is for her daughter to get out of the house, make friends, and live her life. Therefore, when the handsome Augustus Waters enters Hazel’s dull life, She is slowly able to break out of the shell she’d been hiding in and re-enter the outside world. As the story continues, it becomes harder for Hazel to battle with her mortality because she feels that if she were to love Augustus that it would leave him in pain. It was difficult for Hazel to choose Augustus knowing that he was already let down by his past relationship with Caroline Mathers. It was also difficult because Hazel knew that in the course of time she herself would be subjected to death. But in the end she did. And they were inseparable and madly in love. When Augustus died, everything inside Hazel had collapsed. Coping with mortality at this point had reached its climax and there was no turning back. All that mattered was that Augustus liked his choices and Hazel did too.
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