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Topics: Death, Love, Play Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: July 6, 2014
The fault in our stars is a young adult literature written by John Green. The main characters on this novel is sixteen year old Hazel Grace and a seventeen year old boy named Augustus Waters who fall in love yet are quite aware of the fact that cancer is a part of both their lives. They still go on with their everyday teenage life which includes playing video games, flirting, falling in love, helping friends out with rough patches in their lives. I will be writing about the innocence within the book and how the characters are so young but have been exposed to things that other people their age have not thought about or considered, for example; death, their future, how their family has been affected by the decease that they have to live with.

Hazel grace is only sixteen and has cancer. This means that she is exposed to emotions that other people in their entire lives wouldn’t experience. Hazel being so young means that she is still quite innocent. An example from in the book is that shows this is when she looks at the swing set and remembers the day her dad bought the swing set home and sets it up in the back yard but was never quite well enough to play on it properly and that is why she wants to get rid of it. Another example of what shows her innocence and her being young is when Augustus dies and she was sitting on the couch with her parents and cuddling them, it shows that she is old enough to fall in love but is not quite prepared to deal with it on her own and it is also shown when Augustus is sitting with Hazel and really wishes that they didn’t get rid of the swing set because even though he didn’t have any personal experiences with it he wanted it because of what it symbolizes, children, innocent, fun, laughter, playing and those are the things that we misses in life.

Mortality is a big part of Hazel’s life, constantly running through her mind and following her everywhere. It shows this on the first page, second paragraph...
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