The Fault in Our Stars

Topics: Fiction, Love, Literature Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Author: John Green
Character: Augustus Waters (aka Gus)
Reasons why I found character interesting:
* Had one fake leg and one real
* Eventually finds out he has cancer and dies
* View on life
* His affection toward Hazel Grace Lancaster
* His romance skills
* His metaphors
* Proves that any physical issue is nothing ( important moral of the book) * Demonstrates what true love is

Specific details and notes about the character:
* Quotes ex. Saying he’s in love with hazel, quotes about life and fighting the cancer, staying strong * Charming
* Never saw anyone love someone else so much before
* Did everything he had to in order to get hazel
* Fought cancer
* Eventually dies from cancer
* Cancer was all over his body
* Used his cancer wish to make hazels dream come true
* Because hazel was disappointed she had no sequel to an imperial affliction, Augustus was determined to write her one * His best friend is Isaac (Isaac is blind- eye cancer thingy) * Eventually hazel becomes his girlfriend form the end of Amsterdam until Augustus dies * writes to peter telling him about the cancer and making sure hazel gets her sequel * cares so much for hazel

* wants the best for people

Pictures to use:
* love (hearts)
* cancer
* an imperial affliction
* blue eyes
* video games
* funeral/ RIP

* Indiana
* Hazel’s home
* Augustus’s home
* Isaac’s home
* Funky bones museum
* Amsterdam
* Peter’s house
* Anne frank exhibit
* Orangee’s restaurant
* Hotel Filosoof
* Park
* Hospital
* Gas station
* Heart of Jesus
* Church over heart of Jesus
* Graveyard

*****use quotes from document (all of Augustus’s) *****

Moral 1) live your life to the fullest
Moral 2) it’s better to be a giver and not a taker

A very...
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