The Fashion Industry In The 1920's

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The Roaring 20´s earned its namesake for the prosperity and lively culture which ran rampant. Life was bigger, it was better and it seemed like there was no stopping progress. The soaring economy introduced an a culture of excess and consumerism that hadn´t been witnessed before. Women´s role in society went through a transformation from housewife to working women. African Americans were given their chance to revel in their art, literature and philosophy while attending the Harlem renaissance. Despite the progress that seemed to be on the horizon, there were still barriers and conflicts plaguing the 1920s. The ¨cultural civil war¨ sowed discord and distrust into American beliefs. The fashion industry welcomed andgroy and sexuailty while the …show more content…
The idea that every American shared within the wealth of the time wasn't completely true. The taxes of the rich were cut from 73% to 25% and the resulting market boom helped the few who had held stocks, the 1%. Middle class American didn't get the same riches as the wealthy, but they were able to live more leisurely existences with the the start of mass production. Inventions like the assembly line aided the debut of mass production within the US helping to lower the cost of things like washers and cars which originally were only affordable to the upper class. Those left behind in the the progression of the nation were rural communities. After World War One the agriculture business that had been fertile became stagnant with the reintroduction of European product. The role of women took a turn during the era with the decade kick off of women's right to vote under the 19th amendment. Women began slowly to carve themselves a new place in society which was not limited to working at home and taking care of the children. They were able to create an income for themselves by holding jobs within the white collar division, like stenographers. The introduction of the birth control diaphragm contributed ideology of a working women because it allowed them the ability to have few kids and fewer children mean more time for their own endeavours. On the flip side the idea of women in the 1920s that was usually seen was the flapper girl persona. Flappers were young women that challenged the rules set by prim and proper society by cutting their hair into bobs, smoking, drinking and being more open sexually. It wasn't just the women who began to make a name for themselves during this early, the other major minority group that made an impact on the 1920s was the African American

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