The Fascination of Pop Music

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The Fascinations of Pop Music

Since the first appearance of human civilization, music plays an important role for humans to deliver messages and express their feelings. The Seikilos epitaph, as an example, which is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, it delivers a deathless remembrance message. As time passes, music has been developed into various genres, Jazz, Rock n’ Roll, Classical, pop music and etc. Although music experienced many revolutions and generated into various genres, the purpose of music didn’t change and it will never change, that is to deliver messages. As teenagers, they most likely to listen to pop music. Thus, pop music affects teenagers the most in all genres of the music. Depending on its lyrics and rhythm, pop music can whether educate teenagers,entertain teenagers or encourage teenagers.

An online survey from declares that there are 84% teenagers like to listen to music, 32% of them love pop music which is 16% more than the second most. This survey clearly certifies that pop music has an unlimited and imponderable potential to affect teenagers. Thus, pop music can be used to educate teenagers. Music and Learning byChris Boyd Brewer, a professor from Johns Hopkins University, also declare that pop music has a unlimited and imponderable potential on educational purpose:

Music can be used to help us remember learning experiences and information. In Active Learning Experiences music creates a soundtrack for a learning activity. The soundtrack increases interest and activates the information mentally, physically, or emotionally. Music can also create a highly focused learning state in which vocabulary and reading material is absorbed at a great rate. When information is put to rhythm and rhyme these musical elements will provide a hook for recall.

Not only pop music itself is a effective way to educate teenagers, it also can be used for educational purpose by changing...
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