the family supper

Topics: Family, Fugu, Mother Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Character:mother(died), father, me, Kikuko(sister),Suichi(boy friend), Vicki(girl friend in California and has broke up) Father is strict, both our two kids are afraid of him.
Plot: Narrator went to United States and his mother died for the poisonous fish. Then he went back. Father’s film has collapsed and his friend committed suicide and killed his wife and two children. He found his mother’s ghost in the garden. They ate Fugu for dinner and they chatted about the future.

The story seems a little odd. His father’s judgment and the house and his hobbies his words make me feel uncomfortable. It creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Thinking about the story:
1、 The reason why dad chose to cook Fugu for the dinner and did not tell his son even he had asked. EVIDENCE: He tried to cover it up. It was dinner, and we know from(p338 2)that if you eat Fugu for dinner, it would be much harder to heal. We know that it is hazardous. In addition, father is proud of his pure samurai blood, so he possibly killed his son and daughter for he does not want them to marry?(not persuasive) He did not open the lid of the Fugu after the photo accident. At that time, one side of his face had fallen into shadow. He said one more time to the son :”you MUST be hungry” to force him to eat. Father lowed his eyes when the son asked about Watanabe. MOTIVATION: (1)His wife died and his film company collapsed and his cooperator did that and he said” he is a man of principle”. (2) His son left home for more than two years and his daughter also wanted to go to USA. His willing was all the family member should live together and he should have the power to dominate their marriage.(p399 middle) (3) His son even can not recognize his mother. (p343)

AGAINST: Father was planning a trip to America.(Maybe try to persuade his son to go back to live?)

2、 Why his mother ate Fugu that time? His father told him it is because his mother did not want to offend her schoolfriend,but is that credible?...
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