The Family Stone

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Erika Mae D. Ignacio
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The Family Stone: Not Your Typical Clan
Meredith Morton and Everett Stone are a couple who are similar in some ways. I can say they are both conservative, traditional and a little bit perfectionists. Don’t forget the fact that they are equally successful business people. Everything is going well in their relationship until Everett brought Meredith home to his family for the holidays. He also planned on proposing to her with her grandmother’s antique ring which belonged to his mother. The Stone family is the conventional type. I know they can be like the usual family we see in our society but there is something distinct about them. They are liberal, out-going and maybe overly eccentric. Holiday is one of most awaited events every year but when Meredith was introduced to the family, it became a total disaster. Everyone didn’t seem to like the uptight and verbose persona that she has going on and they just all ganged up on her.

The Stone family members have different personalities. I guess it is given that every member of the family has its distinct role to play. However, I believe that all families operate as unit. Like in this family, they have a leader, a peacemaker, an overachiever, a slack-off, a free-spirited, etc. but they still work as whole. They do things together and come up with their own house rules which everyone agrees on. I think, one of the reasons why the Stone family did not accept Meredith with open arms is that she is a new addition to the pack. Everything goes well with them. They have their routines and own roles to play then you add someone new, everything changes. Meredith really tried her best to be liked and accepted by Everett’s family. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be adored by your fiancé’s family, right? It is human nature to want your beloved’s family to like you because practically you’ll be part of that unit in the long run.

Watching the movie and observing the...
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