The Family Institution

Topics: Sociology, Family, Conflict theory / Pages: 4 (948 words) / Published: Jun 13th, 2011
The Family Institution
Lamar Mack
SOC 101
Pamela Spence
April 25, 2011

The American family is normally composed of two parents, mother and father, and the rearing of a single to numerous children. Within the family institution, the three sociological theories of functionalism, conflict, and interactionism are experienced. The purpose of this paper is to explore how each theory applies to the family, the similarities and the differences. How each theory affects the views of the individuals that are part of the family. How each theory affects the approach the effects of social change within the family and how each theory affects the views of society. These theories can be thoroughly explored within the realm of my own family composed of husband, wife, and five children. All seven members of my family have individual roles and responsibilities to abide by to keep our lives in balance. As a father of my family, I am responsible for contributing financially to the bills and maintain the discipline of our children. My wife is also responsible for contributing the financial necessities as well as cooking and cleaning. Each of the five children, with in the family institution, are responsible for getting there school assignments done and keeping their personal areas of the house clean and in order. From the functionalist perspective you have to think of a society as living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival (Schaefer, 2009, p. 14). Functionalism in our home is experienced when all of the family members are playing their part and have good attitudes. When functionalism is experienced, there is peace and unity in the home. The bills get paid on time, meals are prepared on schedule, every room in the home is kept clean and tidy and the children receive the grades they are capable of. When any one member is rebelling in his or her responsibilities, the family as whole suffers in balance, stress, disunity, and

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