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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Child abuse Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 10, 2013
I strongly agree that divorce has been the change of the Bahamian family structure. As explained in the above question The Bahamian Family Structure has changed a lot over the years and is now going down the path to single family homes. There are so many problems that affect The Bahamas and it's sad to think that the current turn toward single families is the primary cause. The social problem I speak of are Drug abuse, Teenage pregnancy, and domestic violence. Drug abuse is defined by the Webster's dictionary as illegal or excessive drug use. The greatest lie that drug addict might believe that his/her actions have no effect their families and the people around them. The situation either can create a hostile and fearful home environment for the entire family or an environment where the family lacks communication and is distant from each other. Whether the drug abused is alcohol, a narcotic or street drug, or a prescription drug, there are effects on the family. Whereas, teenage pregnancy which is a pregnancy occurring in a young girl in the ages of 13- 19 years of age. As a result, teenage mothers have less of a chance of being financially stable and giving their children a safe, stable environment. This cause the child to be brought up in an unstable single home. Consequently domestic violence affects not only the people that are abused, but witnesses and family member as well. Children who witness domestic violence are victims themselves. Growing up with all this violence around them leaves the children open to a multitude of social and physical problems. Exposure to violence in the home and family, and abusive role models lets the children think that violence is a normal way. On the other hand, some people get married hoping and relying on God that it would last unfortunately not all marriages are successful. In terms of biblical teaching most Christians believe divorce is not permitted except when on partner has been unfaithful or committed adultery. In cases...
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