The False of Gems

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Guy de Maupassant Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: September 26, 2012
False Gems
In the short story "False Gems," the author Maupassant utilizes the concept of irony to contribute to social criticism. In the story Madame Latin states: This cannot be true because she was "good and virtuous" when they first met. Her desire for money corrupted her, so she has changed. The author is mainly implying that money corrupts; in most cases, a person's desire for money can cause pain and sorrow. Her second weakness is her desire for money, which is a contribution to social criticism. Then, when Madame Latin dies M. Latin comprises a sincere hunger, and he begins to contemplate how Madame Latin. "..governed his household so cleverly and economically that they seemed to live in luxury," and life becomes a struggle because a loved one is lost. In addition, M. Latin observes men strolling the city leisurely, and he says to himself: "The rich, indeed, are happy. With money it is possible to forget even the deepest sorrow. One can go where one pleases, and in travel find that distraction which is the surest cure for grief. Oh! if I were only rich!" This seems ironic and I do not suppose M. Latin will be happy if he is wealthy. I am assuming that the gems were Madame Latin's only treasure and that she was his. The gems are the only possessions M. Latin has in memory of his wife, and the loss of them would convey great sorrow, even if he knows she had cheated on him. The end also seems ironic, his first wife was "honest, quiet, and unaffected" and his second wife was "a virtuous woman with a violent temper" I think the author is attempting to proclaim that you can only live one type of life. Furthermore, Madame Latin has "false gems," but in actuality they are real. Similarly, Madame Latin is a false gem, although M. Latin thought she was genuine. M. Latin thinks she is loyal and civil, but in the end she found to be cheating on him. Throughout the short story: "False Gems", Maupassant demonstrates how money causes happiness and sorrow. The social...
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