The False Gems

Topics: Marriage, Love, Jewellery Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: August 26, 2013
The False Gems
The Jewelry is a story that takes place in Paris and talks about two main characters, M. Lantin, who is the chief clerk at the office of Minister of Interior, and his wife, who remains nameless throughout the story. The story begins by telling us how M. Lantin meet his wife at the house of the office-superintendent, and how he immediately fell in love with this young innocent girl who "seemed to be the very ideal of that pure good woman to whom every young man dreams of entrusting his future.” Not only does Lantin make her sound like the very definition of perfection, we can see that she could potentially be a great wife as well. Madame Lantin was an unremarkable woman, she wore simple, modest and clothes that remained in good taste. Through this we can assume that she doesn’t care for money and finds love much more valuable than anything else in her life. All of these things are false however after we learn that Madame Lantin was having an affair. This all begun when Mr Lantin stopped going to the theatre, she soon started to fill her ears with huge rhinestones that glittered and shone like real diamonds. These earrings were of course said to be fake by Madame Lantin, but as the story progressed not only did we realised that they were real and that they cost a hefty amount of money to obtain, but also the fact that it was sent to their address. Madame Lantin was having an affair. The image of her being built up was shattered in an instant. Madame Lantin made Mr Lantin unspeakably happy. Though all the things that she had said was a ruse, she could not risk losing the one she had loved for 6 long years. Being the daughter of a widowed mother who was married to a tax collector, she could never have afforded such jewels. Monsieur Lantin disliked her taste in jewellery and thought she ought to “appear adorned with beauty and modesty only.” Whereas she would respond with ‘What can I do? I am so fond of jewellery. It is my only weakness.” This...
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