The Falling Man

Topics: September 11 attacks, Windows on the World, World Trade Center Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Falling Man
The Falling Man is a photograph of a man who is falling from the North tower of the World Trade Center during the crisis of the 11th September, taken by a photographer called Richard Drew. This picture in particularly was chosen to appear in the newspapers of the world, it was seen only once in the New York Times but was then removed due too much criticism. This photo caused a lot of arguments in terms of the U.S. newspaper industries; this was because of the way the people reacted to it. There 2 main reactions on one side, it was taken as symbol or a main event that described what happened that day, it was also interpreted as an example of accepting one fate. One the other hand some people fully disagreed with the publishing of such a picture; they took it more as offense and mockery towards all those who died that day. The aim of that picture was neither to offend the American people nor to strike fear in them, but on the contrary to show something that had to be seen. It sort of a reminder of difficult choices that we as humans have to make in our life, in the case of the Falling Man he had the choice between having a slow and painful death by the fire or jumping and instantly die on impact. In the picture we see that he chose to jump, and the body language that we can read at that specific moment tells that he is fully aware of his choice and he accepts it. In some cases it can be understood why people don’t really appreciate this image, for some people they feel as if it is newspapers who just want to sell. For them the 11th September was a dark day that should not be toyed with, and instead respect should be shown to those who perished in the disaster. The Falling Man is an image that must be shown maybe not to everyone, but it should not be forgotten. Because it is an image of a truth that cannot be ignored; there are things that can be very dangerous in this world, small threats that can become great menaces. This image is a...
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