The Fall of the Tsarist Regime

Topics: Russia, Russian Empire, Saint Petersburg Pages: 2 (1756 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Modern History Assignment

Focus Question: Why Did the Tsarist Regime Fall so quickly in 1917? Although the Romanov Regime had always been very unpopular with the Russian people over many years, the regime had always managed to survive until 1917. In order to discover why the regime fell so quickly, it is necessary to look at the number of different factors which led the Tsarist regime to fall in March 1917. Tsar Nicholas II's regime was autocratic, which means that the rule of the country is placed on the ruling of one person in this case, Nicholas II. There were a broad number of factors that led to the downfall of the Tsarist regime, and these can be placed in long and short term factors. The problems had climaxed in the year 1904, when there were general strikes and attempted revolutions, with increasing demands for new constitutional reforms for the country. Furthermore the peaceful demonstration known as bloody Sunday, when hundreds of workers were killed in cold blood, triggered the series of events known as the 1905 revolution of Russia ( It is from that year when problems became worse, and worse as the tsar ruled on. Actions such as Bloody Sunday and, the Russo-Japanese war over territory in the Pacific Ocean. This resulted in a number of deadly protests, which truly showed the people's growing discontent and hate of the Tsar. In 1904 the problems became more evident as the population rose by huge amounts, such as St Petersburg which rose from 1,033,600 to 1,905,600 people in 20 years ( Over 16 people lived in each apartment in St Petersburg and the Tsar was apparently oblivious to the situation. There was no running water. Sewage lay on the street which caused major problems to health. The poor conditions only made the situation worse, as people continued their dislike for the Romanov rule due to the...

Bibliography: 2- Cannon, M., Jones-Nerzic, R., & Keys, D. (2009). 20th Century World History. Oxford: Oxford University Press. - The sources from this book had given me a good outline on most of the social and economic problems that had been created in Russia.
3- Adams, M. (2007, 06 19). Hellum: European History 02 25, 2011, - A book that had also given me a good outline on the problems the Tsar had created in Russia. This gave me information on his personality and on the war in Masurian lakes and Tannenburg.
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