The Fall of the Roman Empire

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Why the Roman Republic Decayed and Became the Roman Empire

The rise and subsequent fall of the city of Rome was a significant historical event, characterized by the dramatic decline of the republic, to her transformation into an empire. Originally a small provincial town, Rome rose to prominence and produced astounding strengths, which was then lost when Rome became incapable of defending its governing structures of the republic. It is the purpose of this study to highlight these events, giving reasons that led to the decay of the Roman Republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire.

The prominence of Rome

Rome was a small province town which after many wars became the focus and command center of the vast empire of Rome. However, history tells us that it took hundreds of years and a combat of many wars to rise to this prominence. It gained influence over a significant portion of southern Europe, northern Africa, and Middle East. Rome conquered nearly all the surrounding territories going beyond the Mediterranean Sea. It was this military dominance in the region that helped the Roman republic rise and became a formidable force of influence. The republic had appeasing methods of keeping her citizens happy and content. In this endeavor, Rome respected and protected the people’s local cultures with the sole purpose of keeping the people pacified.

The Romans in their quest for improved stability, offered a healthier way of life to her war captives, giving them protection, improved mode of doing business, and the freedom to share in her civilization, like the high quality road network. The import market was enhanced, and more affordable goods were made available to the citizens. Under the roman rule, the public enjoyed better and improved livelihood than in their previous regimes.
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