The Failure of the Educational System of the United States

Pages: 1 (580 words) Published: June 19, 2013

The means of education is a form of learning in which knowledge, kills and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, or simply through autodidactic. The kind of knowledge could be science, humanities or arts however United States is called the most advanced country in the world has lost the real sense of education, causing a failure in the educational system. Actually United States give more importance to academic training and the better comfort to their schools. This principal concern should be an integral education, for improve as real human. This must consider disciplines as arts and good values. Education starts in the home. The parents play an important role in the education of them. We know that parents do not have time to spend with their children. It cause to the children have a problem personalities, low self-esteem, distrust. For all this, the children are more likely to fall prey to the vices because they have not their parents close to them. Parents set expectations. People in general, and children in particular, live up or down to the expectations set for them. If a parent has health, age-appropriate expectations for a child's learning, then the child will naturally internalize and adopt those expectations. What parents set as the norm is what a child experiences as normal. We know the technology is important in the academic education. The technology in United States is considered a necessity. The commercial system imposes this tendency. The students have different options to connect to the cyberspace as Ipad, Iphone and others. The children have an easy access to the information and they can use every place and every time however they are using negatively because they can’t be separated from their phones. That is worrying because it generates...
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