The Facts of Life

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Running Head: THE FACTS OF LIFE.

Love, Marriage, Children, Ect…
Amanda Seigley
Harford Community College
Being a little older now, a freshman in college, I knew that soon I will be facing the marriage/family lifestyle before I know it. I wanted to prepare myself for what was coming in my future so I had a better understanding of what goes on. During this course, while reading the text, I was analyzing myself on how I related by doing the many scales, inventories and discussions within the class. I was able to find out that being married was not that easy. There are so many things to take into account before getting married, such as culture, different views and the different roles that will be played throughout the whole marriage. I think I can say that from taking this course I have been looked marriage and having a family in a new perspective than I had done before. I know I don’t want to rush into anything and let everything take its own course, but I can’t wait to have a family of my own. The Beginning of It All

Marriage has many hidden aspects behind just the exchanging of vows. You have definitions of, frameworks, many concepts and gender role socialization. Marriage has changed a lot throughout the years, with women and men both working, getting divorces and being a single mother or father by choice. Marriage and the Family

The definition of a marriage is a legal relationship that binds a man and a woman together for reproduction and the subsequent care and socialization of children (Knox & Schacht, 2008). I have never been married but I have got the chance to watch my parents have a successful one. I believe that my parents are the definition of a marriage and I think they have done a fine job raising my sister, my brother and I.

The definition of a family is a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption. There are many types of families but I think the one that best fits my family is the modern family type. My mom and my dad both have worked full time since they’ve been married, and have been able to support their family in doing so. Some people may say that having two parents who work will experience a loss of support, love and may cause delinquent behavior. I don’t believe that is the case at all in my family. My siblings and I both have gotten all the love and attention we needed, and we were brought up in a good family environment. Frameworks

There are four different frameworks to describe marriage and the family. They are theoretical, social exchange, family life course development, and structural function framework. Based on the definitions of these I believe that my family was built off the theoretical framework, as well as most of the families in the world, and that I am the result of social exchange framework. Gender Role Socialization

Gender roles are the social norms that we are expected to do by society as in male and female behavior. This gets into further detail when you talk about gender role socialization. From society we learn almost everything we know, from attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors and we adapt to what we’re supposed to do. Such as women can come off moody, easily embarrassed and men are competitive, sarcastic and sexual (Knox & Schacht, 2008). There are many positive and negative things that are included in these social norms for both males and females. I myself fit into some of these categories for the negative such as, negative body image and for the positive keeping relationships on track. I’m like every other girl who watches T.V. and see the skinny actresses and wishes, “Man I wish I could have a body like that”, but I know that I’m not the only one out there that does that. From my experience with men and my current boyfriend I can pinpoint the most common negative and positive norms. For the negative it would have to be limited expression of emotions and fear of intimacy, and for the positive...

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