The Factors That Motivated the European (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and English in Particular) to Explore and Colonize North America and South America Concerned Material Gain and / or Religious Freedom.

Topics: United States, Christianity, Americas Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 8, 2007
I believe many of the motivators for the Europeans to move to and colonize North and South America was due to material gain and religious freedom. First I would like to talk about several of the material gains that were either made or expected to be made in the move to explore North and South America's. When the plans were being set out for the new colonies and the different propels that were laid out some of the ideas that were look at heavily were the material gains. One gain was the level of workload in some areas. It was believed that by moving to the United States that farming living conditions and making a living for themselves would be made much easier. An example of this was the Holland plantation. The settlers of that area could see their lives and the life of their colony decreasing severalty due to the heavy amount of work required and only made harder by area that they lived in. They finally made the decision to leave Holland for the United States after seeing that a lot of their children were becoming decrepit at a young age because they had to take on their own work load but also that of their parents which was too much of a burden for most of them to handle. The also had a problem with their youth for several different reasons would decide to leave their colony and peruse their own goals or just move into a larger city usually getting into trouble and going against most of what they were taught by their parents and their families. The situation that this colony was in though was not felt by most of settlers that chose to explore and colonize the Americas. Some of the other material gains that were looked at and therefore a driving force for some people moving to the Americas were farming. It was known that unlike in most of the other regions at the time land was amply in the Americas at that time. With a lot of the new settlers being farmers this was a great thing for them because it gave them a great chance to buy a large...
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