The Factor of Haze

Topics: Volcano, Smog, Particulate Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The phenomenon causes Haze

Hazy weather phenomenon is a thorn in the flesh to the government and the people. This phenomenon seems to tertaktub in the weather forecast for the calendar frequently hit the country. In reality, the haze situation in the country is very dangerous to people's health.

The main cause of the haze phenomenon sweeping the country is the emission of smoke from vehicles. This is so because of the increasing number of vehicles bak mushrooms after rain. Vehicles such as trucks, trelar, buses and more produce carbon monoxide fumes to pollute the air.

In addition, the communities do open burning also causes haze happen-so. Because the burned rubbish indiscriminately, said community attitudes enau range in the bush, shoots their release. Consequently, children attacked shortness of breath and asthma.

Combustion emission from the plant has been identified as the cause of the haze phenomenon occurs. This situation worsened, particularly in industrial areas because the manufacturer install chimney that is too low to deliver toxic smoke into the air. Acid rain and other skin diseases certainly attack us.

Meanwhile, weather conditions in the tropical rain forests was too hot so can cause burns own plants due to increased temperature causing haze occurs. This is because the global warming phenomenon. Therefore, it is time to save our earth.

Besides the weather, deforestation activities that occur freely also cause hazy weather conditions. Loggers in the forest open forest with this simple way. They be not responsible for causing countries if forced to pay the price.

In addition, the release of dust from volcanic eruptions also cause hazy weather conditions. The mountains are still active in the country Indonesia tamsilnya thick smoke as volcano will erupt phenomenon. This leads to limited visibility and delayed flights.

In conclusion, all parties must cooperate vital for banks in terms of environmental care. Clean air...
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