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Topics: Strength training, Aerobic exercise, Muscle, Volleyball, Exercise physiology / Pages: 6 (1292 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2013
Analytical Exposition – Research Report

1. Introduction

Volleyball is a common sport and is played throughout schools in Australia; at a professional level, the athletes of volleyball have to perform a strict training résumé. To maintain their level of fitness an athlete must train specific components of fitness indiviualised for the athlete. The purpose of the essay is to analyse a training program set for a volleyball player and see if it fits requirements for the athlete. It will discuss the use of important components of fitness in volleyball and then thoroughly describe the type of energy systems used in different positions/movement patterns on the court and then shall be taken into account when analysing the training program. After analysing the training program and checking if it meets specific needs, recommendations will be given to see if the athlete needs to change their form of workout or increase/decrease certain routines.

2. Components of Fitness Specific to Volleyball

Components of Fitness are the different types of components an athlete uses when playing a sport or event. In volleyball there are three specific components of fitness that are mostly described in the sport, Agility, Power and Strength.

1. Agility

The word Agility is defined as, “The ability to perform a series explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions (e.g. Zig-zag running or cutting movements).” Agility is a major component needed in Volleyball because of the reaction to move towards the ball from an athlete’s original position. For example, when an athlete is going to dig the ball, they must quickly reposition themselves from their position, to where the ball is going to land. The writer took an agility test running around cones in different ways and then record his time. The time

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