The Extent to which Microbes Interfere with Regenerative Abilities of Planaria

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The Semplica Girl Diaries
Dad comes to a painful realization that he will never truly reach his ambitions, life is forever a rocky road of trials and troubles, with one always having more. Realizes that loving and caring for his family is the one thing he can control Semplica girls are women from impoverished countries decorating lawn as living ornaments. Irony in treatment of semplica girls from treatment of family, dehumanized As apart of the family name consisted of status, accumulation in wealth Social commentary on treatment of immigrants by average family for labor purposes, cleaning purposes, lawn care, apart from workers whose use is justifiable, using semplica girls for asthetic beauty justifies their dehumanization, less than people but things. -Keeping up with the joneses social commentary means of material accumulation as a means to secure social class and keep up with neighbor. Failing to keep up with the joneses, means to fail to secure socio-economic class and towards cultural inferiority. A commentary on morality whether it is established through society’s pressures and how others view you, or established through ones own judgements. In the end, Semplica girls demonstrate morality is linked with conforming to society. Narrator perceives morality is linked with how others view you and going with society as key to happiness. However, in conforming narrator never truly reaches happiness and becomes brainwashed with social appearance, concerned with the bare wire absent of sempplica girls at the end. How have symbols and motifs been used in the stories and how successfully in the stories? Symbols and motifs

Symbol: The torrini family represents the cultural symbol of the jones family applied to the cliché of keeping up with the joneses. Indirectly, represents underhanded force that forces family to live beyond their means. The torrini’s symbolize a typical wealthy American family whose seemingly perfect life casts a force...
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