The Expression Theory of Art

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The Expression Theory of Art
O.K. Bouwsma was an American extraordinary and effective teacher. He had written a lot of essays and most of his works are characterized by the humor, common sense and wisdom. He had a lot of questions in his mind. Among them are: Are the materials object? What does philosophy have to do with language? And he wrote about the expression theory of art and that is our main concern today. The expression theory of art is the most commonly held of all theories of art. Some people think that all their statements are baffling. The writer here tries to clarify its meaning in an indirect way by giving us some examples. Here he tries to shows us the use of the word expression and clear the confusion in the use of the word emotion He tells the story of two friends who walked together speaking about a lot of things and attend a music concert. The music is sad one of them said that and these words are the subject of our discussion. From the story with its details, the writer shows us the use of the emotional terms such as sad, joyous, calm and restless..etc. in describing music, poems, pictures is something common . These words are accepted and understood and everyone understand the motives ‘’How can music be sad? ’It can’t, of course but he is impulsive Then the writer exposes two ways in which in which one may safely escape the expression theory. The first example is a bout Verbo who says that the music is sad and how to look at the music in another way and give an example of a frog and how he feels the soul of the music rather than the music itself. He mentioned that everything has a soul inside. There is no sad music but there is a sad soul in it. He gives another example with Verbo ‘s sister . He connects the sad music with his sister Sandra .why shouldn’t there be a soul of the music that flits in and flits out .this unable him to sleep calmly cause he reached to the meaning .The expression theory is intended to relive people who are...
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