The Existence of Ghosts

Topics: Ghost, Paranormal, Evidence, Legal burden of proof, Death, Scientific evidence / Pages: 1 (292 words) / Published: Sep 30th, 2014

In most communities, it is not a new thing to have folklores that contain various subjects. These beliefs are widespread, from animism until present. May it be about a myth, a legend and even ghosts. Some believe that ghosts are real yet others don't.

For there is still no confirmation of their existence and there is no one who have said that there are no possibilities, various people try to find proof, these people being the believers and non-believers. Paranormal investigators and other groups – even though they already have piles of proof - are still looking for more evidences to further convince and prove the existence of ghosts. These people claim to be in contact with the people in the afterlife and thus believe of the existence of these ghosts. Contrary to the other groups' goal, scientists believe that those events that happened and sightings of ghosts that have been reported have scientific explanations. Scientists have come upon a theory that these ghosts are just illusions created by the figment of one's imaginations. But, what are ghosts exactly? Ghosts are apparitions of a dead person or animal, they are an entity, and they are believed to appear in visible form or other forms of manifestation. Some believe that these ghosts have come to haunt the living or that they have an unfinished business here on earth.

Being one of the many believers of the existence of ghosts, I have collected documents that can help in proving that they exist. There are various articles that have been submitted, evidences that have been found and, sightings and events that have been reported. With the help of these evidences, people will be able to know and be convinced of the existence of these ghosts.

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