The Execution of Tookie Williams

Topics: Gang, Crips, Los Angeles Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 5, 2006
I've never resided nor visited California. Therefore, I wouldn't understand the high crime rate nor the gang activities that exist. I've only seen movies that reflect different gang images. Movies such as Colors, Fresh, Boyz N Tha Hood, Menace II Society, and Original Gangstaz explain the life of crips, bloods, and other gangs. When children view these movies, they think they are cool. Their minds are too young and immature to witness such graphic images. These images include distribution of drugs, gun violence, sex, and profanity. Children often imitate what they see. That's why when they grow up they become affiliated with real gang activities. This is why it is important that parents monitor what their children are watching on T.V. But to know that these movies, gangs, and most rap songs were originated by Tookie Williams brings devastation to many homes.

I understand why some people wanted Tookie Williams executed. Many innocent lives have been slain by gang members. He is part of the blame.
My opinion on if Tookie should die or not, I believe everyone is entitled to a second chance. I also believe in justice. Tookie was convicted of murder and proven guilty. While in prison, Tookie "found" himself and started to change his life around. Apparently, this was enough for the governor, but I know this was enough for God. I try to base all of my decisions on how God will handle them. Personally, I think God would have given Tookie a second chance.

So in conclusion, Tookie has left behind a very important message to all races and nationalities of people. Tookie had a bad reputation but he managed to turn his life around and prevent children from going down the same negative path he chose. This message states: Anyone can change their life around for the better with determination and prayer.
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