The Evolutionary Explanation of Gender Difference

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The evolutionary explanation of gender difference

Evolutionary means organism developing from an earlier form in order to survive in their environment.

Parental investment theory

Trivlers put forward that women have to be choosy about the partner they choose because they are stuck with the child for much longer than the male is required for reproduction. This is meant to explain why men are so assertive and aggressive because it is best for him to have sex with lots of people; for a women being careful and picking a man who is going to stay around and be caring is a better option.

This is supposed by research from Clark and Hatfield that found men and women are different in their sexual encounters, men are far more ready more often while women wait longer before entering a sexual engagement.

Pair bonds

The theory may also explain the tendency to form relationships or “pair bonds”. According to Wilson (1978) Men form pair bonds to be cared for, maintain the prospect for constant sex (lots of offspring) and also be sure that the children are theirs. Women form a pair bonds for the protection, calm of mind of knowing they have a mate, being able to pick a perfect mate and getting the resources of the male joined to theirs.


The theory says that women are choosy in the mate, this means that men have got to be the best to be chosen. This can result in competition and the biggest, most aggressive male will win in same sex competition. This explains why me are larger than women (1.15 times bigger) (Hollyway et al).


Strengths| Weaknesses|
It explains dimorphism| The love em and leave me approach doesn’t work because the child has even less chance of survival than if the father stayed. (Sternglanz and Nash)| It explains men’s promiscuity | Clark and Hatfield says that cultural effects can affect people more than their genes such as women becoming more open in their sexuality than being choosy like they should be....
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