The Evolution of Technology

Topics: Technology, Time, Present Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 8, 2014
The Evolution of Technology
The world has changed its technology as it develops with the excellence of man and evolves with the passage of time. We are now shifting from the usual mediocre snail-paced old technology to extraordinary and highly technological modern age of today. Nowadays, the use of modern technology is much more preferred among most of us for it has made life easier and more convenient rather than the use of old technology. When you have the technology right beneath your hands, why not take advantage of it? In the good old days, there was only little or no technology. From the past generations of the old technology the ancients uncovered an aspect of our nature and learned the basic use of technology. Take the simple example of the fact that when you bend a flexible material, it stores energy. This phenomenon was used to create ancients tools like the bow and arrow that then effectively aid their daily lives. Along that period, their discovery of inventing tools were effective and were a great help in their times. Despite of this we cannot deny that it still takes a lot of time and requires man-power to be able to serve its purpose. The life we had before is much more different than as of today which is based of technology. Today basically everyone has a cell phone and when someone doesn’t have a cell phone on them they feel like they’re missing something. It’s starting to become a part of our lifestyle if it hasn’t already. Although all this technology has its ups, life might be much better than the one without it. Technology has made people extremely lazy in just the last couple of years alone. Instead of going to someone’s house to see if they wanted to hangout now you can just call or text them. Furthermore, even though technology is much more expensive than the old-fashion routine, not only it is worth it but also it’s also much more enjoyable. Most of us prefer to take full advantage and use modern technology rather than go back into...
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