The Evolution of Cheetahs

Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: December 9, 2008
It took 4 million years of evolution of the cheetah to become the exceptional animal it is today, and only 100 years for man to place it on the endangered species list stated by Annie Beckhelling from the Cheetah Outreach Foundation. The cheetah the fastest animal on land, is now vulnerable to extinction throughout its range, because of hunters and habitat declining. Once widespread across Africa, into the middle east and India, the cheetah has suffered dramatic declines over the century. Now you have a little backgorund information im going to talk about the habitat, diet, physical description and why the are becoming extinct.

The cheetah is found southern and eastern Africa with Namibia having the largest population of 2,500. According to T.M. Caro in the article Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains 1994, The Cheetahs range is confined to narrowing islands of Savanna and similar vegetation zones south of the Sahara. They do not inhabit forests, but their habitat varies. Cheetahs can be found in Savannas, open woodlands, and in semi-desert areas. They Make use of any elevation, such as termite mounds, kopjes trees which dot the landscape, in order for the cheetah to get a good view of its territory and Potential meal. According to Annie Beckhelling in the Cheetahs habitat also consist more on abundance of prey and lack of other big predators, and a balence of cover and visability is also very important in its habitat.

The Cheetah is on the endangered animals list, because of habitat destruction and hunters who hunt them for there fur. As i talked about before Namibia has the largest population of cheetahs and according to Laurie Marker in the article Cheetahs, June 2,2000,The cheetahs habitat is being destroyed at a fast rate, so through efforts of Cathryn Hilker at the Cincinnati Zoo, 28,000 acres have been set aside as a reserve for cheetahs and the headquarters for the CCF Cheetah Conservation Funds in Namibia. And Cheetahs have specialized behaviors in...
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