The Evolution How 3g to 4g Technologies

Topics: 3GPP Long Term Evolution, WiMAX, 3G Pages: 8 (2277 words) Published: June 5, 2011
University of Technology, Sydney 32702 Contemporary Telecommunications

The evolution how 3G to 4G technologies
Ming H. Zhao (10810164) University of Technology, Sydney Lecturer: Gay Valerie 13th September, 2010

1. Introduction Since contemporary communication came into daily life, people always keep seeking unrestricted communication at all time. Mobile telecommunication satisfied people's demand with the first generation (1G) and the second generation (2G). In the wake of development in multimedia and internet, most of telecommunication mobile networks operators have offered the third generation (3G) to the customers to replace 2G over the past two years. Currently, many ICT professionals and research institutes began to focus on the theory and practice of fourth generation (4G). International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recognizes the standards of 3G including WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA (Whalley, Zhou & An 2009). Relative to analogue wireless network (1G) and GSM/TDMA (2G) narrow band technologies, 3G is introduced to solve the disadvantage of narrow band network. But 3G does not meet people's expectation yet. For example: 3G voice switching architecture is still carried on the circuit-switched which is used by 2G systems, not the way of pure IP. Streaming media and video applications are not satisfactory. 3G high-speed data transmission is still immature and access speed is limited by vary factors. With more and more types of wireless technology are coming, telecommunication industry has an urgent need to integrate those wireless technologies into an unified network environment which is emerging the beyond third generation mobile communication system (B3G) and the future 4G communication system. B3G and 4G communication system will provide broadband mobile access in the future. Global seamless roaming, ubiquitous data and voice would be the most suitable best technology (Yu et al. 2005). ITU has been drawing the standards of 4G and making terms that combine telecommunication and other network technologies together, such as W-LAN and Bluetooth, to make data transmission speed up to 100Mbps (Lu, Walke & Shen 2004). 4G telecommunication will achieve a qualitative leap in the technologies and applications rather than 3G. Also 4G would be suitable for all mobile users to implement seamless convergence of wireless network, broadcast and satellite communications. This paper analyses the actual state of mobile technologies progress, describes the motivation that drive 3G mobile technologies evolve to 4G, present new conceptual technologies of 4G in particular. Finally,

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Ming H. Zhao 10810164

University of Technology, Sydney 32702 Contemporary Telecommunications

it carries out a deeper discussion about the future 4G's trend. 2. The concept of 4G mobile communication 4G stands for fourth generation mobile communication and technology which is able to transmit high quality image and video that can be comparable to high-definition television. The concept of 4G can be described as broadband access and distribution network with more than 2Mbps data transmission capacity of non-symmetric. Moreover, this is the first time that applies three-dimensional images of high-quality transmission and allows mobile user to communicate in three-dimensional virtual reality. It includes broadband wireless access, W-LAN, mobile broadcasting system and network interoperability (Osseiran et al. 2007). 4G would not only be available in different platforms or any wireless network across different frequency band, but also access broadband Internet everywhere including satellite and stratospheric communication. Furthermore, 4G provides timing and positioning system, data acquisition and remote control integrated functions. Thus, 4G is multi-functional integrated broadband mobile communication system with capable broadband access based on internet protocol (IP). 3. Comparison of 3G and 4G 3.1...
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