The Evils of Money

Topics: Thing, Money, Currency Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: December 11, 2012
David Gonzalez
9-23-12, Per. 6
“Evils” of Money essay
The Evils of Money
“Money makes the world go round!” It is a common statement we’ve all heard in our lifetimes. “Benjamins” has become an integral part of our society, and with the things one can achieve with it, it’s no wonder why so much evil has fostered from it. Since the days of ancient Rome, money has had some negative effects on society. It fosters greed in even the most kind-hearted individuals, causes them to destroy and obliterate anything that stands in the way of them and their valued prize, gives way to the ability of foul hearted human beings to control and gain power over others for insidious purpose, and leads to the common hardworking citizen to resort to crime and thievery. Money, even with all its blessings and holy purposes, is one of the world’s greatest evils. The first argument to how currency is evil is the hidden greed and selfishness it brings out in the sweetest of people. The little avarice embedded in us all that only the thought of getting a few coins into our hands can bring out. This desire for “cash” can poison the heart and mind of the common man and stem the tide of any pure and selfless thought that the individual would have. The ordinary man turned drug dealer, and some corporations, for example, whose only concern is largely the acquisition of “dough” neither hid the lust they possess for money nor care whether someone gets hurt in their mad quest for riches. From this want for “moolah” comes the worst and greatest crime this world has ever seen; from the murder of thousands of innocents beings to the collapse of entire empires, corporate and otherwise. Money can lead others to destroy property and other material items like buildings, cars, doors, and gas pumps. But what it can really demolish is the relationships one has with others and the things around them. A few “grand” forces those who follow it to forsake their wife, children, friends, family, loved ones and...
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