The Evil Oak Tree Research Paper

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Oak / Pages: 5 (1030 words) / Published: Nov 11th, 2016
The Evil Oak Tree

“Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree”. This proverb from the country Ethiopia is not a very nice or light hearted proverb. It basically means that evil can come in unnoticed but if you wait long enough it will spread into something massive that can’t be stopped. This proverb has proven to be true in many places such as germany or in modern day islam with ISIS. This essay will prove that this proverb can still be true in modern times and in literature with using ISIS, Hitler, Stalin, and the Witch and Wizard series.

Hitler is a prime example on how evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree. Their was one person that everyone had the same view of. There is perhaps no other individual whose name is more synonymous with evil than that of Adolf Hitler (Mitchell). This
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The islamic state, or isis, seems uniquely baffling and strangely dangerous. This group seems to be in constant war with no peace in sight and that is unprecedented (Byman). Also the way they commit crimes are just horrible and sickening. They would decapitate prisoners and video tape it. They also seem to have nasty goals. According to the leader's own statements, isis wants to eliminate infidels (Byman). They just want to kill, Not to prove a point, just death. They show no interest in politics or negotiations, they just kill whenever they have the chance. They do however want to make their own place in which to live. Unlike Al Qaeda, which showed little interest in controlling territory, ISIS has sought to build the rudiments of a genuine state in the territory it controls (Byman). This proves that the are growing at a rapid pace.They also plan to eventually get a foothold where they are. Not only is ISIS working hard on their goal of eliminating their enemies, they are also trying to

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