The Ethics, the Do's and Don'ts of Being a Professional

Topics: Professional, Responsibility, Individual responsibility Pages: 3 (413 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Professionalism is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. While the definition of professionalism defines the word, it does little to help you to understand which qualities and characteristics are important, or how you can become a recognized professional in your chosen career. There is much more to being a professional than simply acquiring the best training and skills.   Becoming an expert in your field is only one part of earning the respect of clients and colleagues.   A large part of achieving recognition as a professional has to do with the way that you present yourself to others.   It is a mind-set that becomes easier to apply as you progress further and becomes an inspiration for others to follow. There are Five Important Keys to Being a True Professional:

• Character
• Attitude
• Excellence
• Competency
• Conduct
These five keys cover 30 important concepts, such as being responsible and accountable, developing respect, doing what is right and learning how to project a professional image. What is expected from a Professional?

• Self-Respect
• Accept Personal Responsibility
• Respect for others
• Respect the experience
Individual Responsibility:

• Respect for others and their rights

• Know your boundaries/ limits

• Stay out of others affairs



Professional Boundaries

Why are boundaries important?

• Communicate clearly

• All personnel information should be kept strictly confidential

• Do not discuss co-workers with others especially about health or health care.

• Do not feed into the office gossip

Why is professionalism important?

Professionalism encompasses a worker's behaviour, appearance, and workplace ethics. Employees who have high standards of professionalism...
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