The Ethics of Inheritance

Topics: Property, Normative ethics, Truth Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: August 12, 2010
2. No I do not feel that inheritance violates the principle of equality of opportunity and abolishing it would not promote productivity or an even distribution of income. While everyone may not have the same opportunities in life, those who have been able to become successful and wealthy with out inheritance have worked hard to achieve their wealth. To tell some one that they can’t leave their hard earned belongs to family is violating ones right of freedom, life and pursuit of happiness. Not only that, by allowing the government to take over peoples property; doesn’t mean that productivity will increase or that the funds will be distributed evenly among Americans. This theory of abolishing inheritance doesn’t seem to have any correlation with capitalism.

4. Abolishing inheritance would violate ones moral rights. This particular question in my opinion falls under the normative ethical theories of justice and love and rights or deontological approaches. It should be up to the owner to decide who he/she wants to will their belongings to. To try to deprive ones family and loved ones of wealth that has been built or generated by years of hard work, is like take ones home or car once they have paid off their mortgage note or car loan. If inheritance is abolished, America may as well develop a communist society.

6. Its not feasible, in fact it’s ludicrous. Taking away someone’s belongings to try to make society equal is not a feasible thing to do. This is because people have various moral and ethical beliefs. While Haslett may have a good idea about equalizing wealth, the truth of the matter is that some people are not as responsible as others. Because of such behavior, many Americans would be back in the same situations they were in before.

7. I would prefer our current system. Because of my moral and ethical beliefs, it only right to let one divide his/her personal belongs to the family members of their choice. The government shouldn’t have...
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