The Ethics and Morals of Abortion

Pages: 4 (723 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Final Research Paper Rough Draft
The Ethics and Morals of Abortion

Stephaney Edwards

South University

English Comp. III

Instructor: Kerry Jones

April 6, 2013


Due to the fact that teen pregnancy is on the rise and the population is also at an

all time high, abortion fits into that category of increase. Families now reside and care

for a lot of children and they don’t have enough income coming in; in this case they are

bound to depend on the government to take care of them while they try to live day by day

struggling to find jobs to support the large family. When people think about abortion they

immediately assume that this is one of the worse things that a woman or couple can do.

They do not sit back and think that some abortions are mandatory because it could be

detrimental to the women giving birth, if there is a serious medical issue involved. This

leaves the family with more to worry about along with providing for her family.

The sources that I have used comes from the SUO library, E- library, SIRS, and a

few online sources. I believe that these are credible because they have up to date

articles, Journals and Pros and Cons about each research subject provided, they also have

references of their own to back up what they have written about. I have chosen these

sources, also because they give me a very large variety of issues to discuss within my


"Abortion is the safest surgical procedure in America, and an unfortunate complication

can be appropriately managed, precisely because it is legal.” (Muskal,2013). This

typically states this procedure is < legal > and families have the right to do the procedure

with little to no complications.

Roe vs Wade is an act that allows women to have a choice to have an abortion if needed

and also for the government to aide the person...
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