The Essential Qualityies of a Good Leader

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Essay: The Essential Qualities of a Good Leader in the Modern Chinese Business Environment

The Essential Qualities of a Good Leader in the Modern Chinese Business Environment

When leaders are chosen, everyone wants them to live up to their expectations. A lot of hopes are pinned on them to bring about change and reform, for the betterment of the field they belong to. But what exactly goes into the essential qualities of a good leader, especially in the modern Chinese business environment? Below are the 5 characteristics that are absolutely necessary for being a good leader.


The first thing a good leader needs is confidence. Believing in their abilities is an essential trait of a good leader. There is less and fewer leaders in China could be confident of running of business now. Unless and until he has confidence in his abilities he will not be able to lead effectively.


A good leader does not demand or command respect, he just deserves it. Respect should not be restricted only from the followers to the leader, it needs to be mutual. In other word, a good leader listens to his/her followers; distinguishing facts and phenomenon then build such valuable respect. All team players should be respected and if the leader sets an example for this, the team will follow undoubtedly. This could be a vital characteristic of a strong leader. Vision

Being a good leader requires that the person is able to think, considering the future and giving it equal importance as the present. As nobody doubts that China is in globalization process and develops quickly. The leader should be able to successfully convince his followers and make them understand the need for change, which will ultimately result in the achievement of their common goals.

Globalization is one reason for the rising importance of empathy for business leaders. Cross-cultural dialogue can easily lead to miscues and misunderstandings. Empathy is an antidote. People...
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