The Essence of Life

Topics: 2007 albums, Crying, Tears Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Life is a mixture of different experiences. Life is filled with happiness especially when we have lots of clowns or crazy friends. Life is a struggle. There are ups and downs in which you have to fight for the battle of survival. You have to strive hard to reach the top and leave the bottom. Life is not complete without problems. It molded us and molds entirely to become what we are now and better as we can be. Problems will not look like a problem if we are facing it together with our loved ones instead it becomes a boundary that bind us together to strive and conquer the reality of life with strength, determination, patience and courage. And after of all this problems at last we will realize that life is not a burden to carry but a gift to enjoy. “Life is too short”. This is what I’ve realized from my friend I met before. Life has become bitter to her but that challenge also showed her the way to the better her. Her experience lit her way to see how essential and beautiful life is with all those people that encourage her to smile and laugh everyday.

Let me tell you the shared story of this girl to me.
This is how her misery began.

High School life is one of the remarkable and significant chapters of our youth life. This is the time of making friends with many. We laugh with a particular group, and prepare ourselves for the harder chapter of our journey but usually didn’t happen because of that so called “puro kalokohan”. But my life seems to be a calvary for me. On this early age, I encountered to be peculiar among the rest of my co-student. I have only one friend and unfortunately my friend couldn’t breathe, because my friend is not a human, it is my pillow that catches my tears everytime I cry. Everyday I am hearted blue. Day-to -day I am terrified. I’m scared being in the crowd. I don’t like too many people. I prefer staying at one side rather than talking and mingling with my classmates. That’s why I can’t blame them if they...
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