The Escape of Oppression

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Prison Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: November 9, 2008
“The English founded Colonies to escape oppression in England.” This statement when evaluated can have a few meanings. Three reasons for the escape of oppression though were primogeniture, religious freedoms, and a new life. All of these reasons were important to the development of the colonies.

Primogeniture in England was a law developed to try to help their over population. This law states that the only child in a family that can inherit land or anything, from the father, is the first born son. Since this was enacted other children in the family usually had nothing to their name. Their lack of land, money, or possessions meant they had nothing to lose. Many men knew this and decided the new world might have more to offer. They went in search of riches and fame so they could return to England with everything they wanted. They got this idea from the Spanish who had found gold in Mexico.

Religious freedom was not in existence in England. Everyone belonged to the Church of England and not all of the population liked this law of the land. Anyone who practiced a different religion could be jailed, tortured, or even killed. Many wanted their religious freedom and made the journey to America. They would make the risky and dangerous trip for the thought of a free religious society. Many areas had certain religions to them though and had the right to enforce them with the same punishments in England.

A new life was sought by all but more by some than others. The English’s over population had caused them to dump a lot of their prisoners in America to relieve themselves from the problem of feeding all of them. Food was scarce and need and this relief helped them very much. For the prisoners though this was a great opportunity to start over. A new life was given to them in a new place, a completely different continent. That in itself would be treasure to me if I had a life like theirs.

The statement “The English founded Colonies to escape...
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