The Epic of Gilgamesh

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In studying the title character in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the most obvious change he goes through is the process of growing up and learning to take responsibility of himself, and of his subordinates. Gilgamesh's adventure, both mentally and physically, entails a journey that takes Gilgamesh through many obstacles, which help him learn his duties that he must fulfill. Aside from his main change of growing up and becoming a responsible adult, king and friend, Gilgamesh goes through a minor, character development change which makes the story a dynamic tale.

Gilgamesh's biggest change is his attitude toward others, accepting that as the king, he is obliged to work for the people, whereas before he focused on solely what he believed was best for himself. Along with considering others, Gilgamesh feels compassion and emotion for someone: Enkidu. These changes are the main part of Gilgamesh's tale, because they make his story worth telling, and make his story relevant, even 2,000 years after it was written. The epic journey Enkidu and Gilgamesh set out for begins with two very rash people doing something just to keep them occupied, and to serve the greater purpose of bringing back wood from a special forest, along with killing the demon that lives there. Predictably, the adventure goes off course, and the two heroes go off and encounter more magical creatures, a bull from heaven, and uncharted lands. One of the major factors in the story is how Enkidu acts, and the contrast between his actions and those of Gilgamesh. Enkidu begins as a wild man, before his

wrestling match with a prostitute tames him. The same occurs with Gilgamesh, a while later, in his wrestling match with Enkidu. THis marks the very first signal of change from Gilgamesh, because he goes from a man who looks at everything and wants to feel superior to it, to accepting another person and finally being able to make amends with that person. Once the two main characters actually mbar on their journey,...
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