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English has been a big factor to my being as an educated person and as a Lasallian student. I take pride that I go to a university which offers an outstanding quality of English education. During the third term of my freshman year in college, I took up ENGLCOM which was a subject that was divided into reading and writing class. At first, I found the two boring because I thought that I was already confident with my stock knowledge about English Communication, so I intentionally did not attend the first few meetings. I just relaxed and did other useless things to kill time for my scheduled class. After summing up my free cuts, I decided to go to class so I could catch up with the lessons. I surprisingly found myself lost. I did not have any clue about what was going on or what was being discussed.

I started asking for help from my classmates.I tried studying about all the things I missed in class, and I saw that what was being tackled that time was not clear to me even if I had already graduated from high school. I quickly found myself very interested in what I was dealing with. I learned that academic reading and writing are fun and interesting. I was able to improve my vocabulary and the way I write essays since we were taught about words which were unfamiliar, and we were also consistently being asked to write essays about certain topics. There were even times when we were taught how to properly analyse commercial ads and how to correctly write certain types of letters. All of my first impressions disappeared; I found the subject very interesting and from then on, I regularly went to class.

During our writing class, we were asked to compose four essays: an extended definition essay, an argumentative essay, an entry and an exit essay. I honestly had difficulty in writing. My thoughts were not complete, and I had a lack of supporting ideas. While we were writing the entry essay, I had somewhat an easy time writing using my stock...
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