The English Speaking World

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The English speaking World
The American and British ways have some similarities and differences in terms of customs, personalities and attitudes. Differences between the Americans and the British
There are many differences between the Americans and the British lifestyle. One of the most remarkable (bemerkenswert) differences between the Americans and the British culture is the language. Although the language spoken in both countries is the same, that is English, but both countries have different pronunciations and spellings. The American accent is much more different from the British accent. Such differences are due to the differences in the pronunciation of vowels (Vokale), The American English use the 'z' while the British English more use the 's'. For example, "organisation" is in British English, the American English spells it as "Organization". It is also evident (offensichtlich) that the American language use more slang language than the British English. American English is spoken in the USA, Canada and many Pacific Island countries where America has exerted an influence. British English is spoken throughout the British Commonwealth of 54 countries, some of the most notable being the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, with Canada being the exception. Although part of the Commonwealth, Canadians tend to speak a mixture of American and British English due to that country's proximity to the USA (although they spell the British way). The second notable (auch “bemerkenswert”) difference between the American and British is in terms of lifestyle. It means that there are many differences in various activities, sports, laws, differences in drinking and eating habitats and music favour. For instance, the most preferred sporting activity in America is football and hockey, while the British prefer soccer and Rugby. The most watched league in Britain is the English premier league (EPL), while the National Football League (NFL) is the most watched league in the United States. Differences in lifestyle are also in the driving practices. For example, the Americans drive right and are allowed to get the driving licence at the age of 16. On the other hand, the British drive left and they are allowed to make their driving licence at the age of 18. Other differences are in terms of the legality. The Americans legal drinking age is 21 while the British legal drinking age is 18. Americans also prefer driving automatic cars, while their British prefer driving manual cars. Lifestyle differences are exist in terms of music preferences. The British like the pop culture more than their American do. The Americans like more R&B and HipHop music. The third notable difference between the Americans and the British lifestyle is in terms of personality. The Americans are more polite when they are greeting everyone. Americans say phrases like "hi, how is your day". The British on the other hand is more reserved. The British prefer personal space and prefers silence rather than conversation. The Americans on the other hand prefer public space and can initiate a conversation with any stranger they meet on the bus stations, trains and other places where different people meet. Americans are very friendly. They will talk to strangers in a store, laugh with someone at a bar, and help their neighbours, but many people who visited the USA had reported that the friendliness is only on the surface. Americans are a little bit more concerned for issues affecting their daily lives such as gas prices, events such as 9/11 and the increasing inflation. Their British counterparts on the other hand show little concern for such like matters, in fact, the British is more concerned with issues revolving their personal lives such as families and workplaces. Medical treatment

In the UK, medical treatment is free under the National Health Service and is available for all UK citizens, as well as fellow European Union citizens and legal immigrants who...
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