The English Debate

Topics: English language, United States, European Union Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: December 1, 2005
Renee Witt Mr. Schulze 1 11-08-05English 1010

Synthesis Essay

This is a synthesis essay on the English only debate. In the debate we have a number of authors who have an opinion if English should be the official language? Here are a couple of opinions shared by Robert D. King , "Should English be the Law?" , S.I. Hayakawa, "Bilingualism in America: English Should be the Official Language", and Greg Lewis " An Open Letter to Diversity's Victims". All of the gentlemen agree on one thing and that is if immigrants do not learn English, they have put limits on their own life. They are unable to communicate with mainstream America. Making English the official language in America, and making immigrants learn English as a requirement to become citizens of this country. Some agree with this and some do not, others say this is America and it is founded on diversity and freedom, which includes legal immigrants the freedom to choose weather or not to learn our language, along with many other choices you have as an American citizen. If they choose not to learn English, when most Americans speak English, then they are putting barriers on their lives. King used an example when the Germans first came to America, they did not speak English but the next generation learned the language. It had never been an issue before and it is not an issue now. King quotes a linguist that said "Language is not primarily a means of communication but a means of "communion."(189) King stated "We are Americans, We are Different." (189) King argues that as Americans we should have the freedom to choose. English should not be made a law. In Hayakawa's article "English Should is the Official Language,"...
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