The English Civil War

Topics: Charles I of England, English Civil War, England Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The civil war started from 1642 and ended in 1648, claiming the lives of 1 in 10 men from England. The war broke out forty years after the death of Elizabeth I, who had managed to rule England well. But the real problems came with the coming of Charles I of England, (second son of James VI of Scotland).

During the reign of different monarchies the power of parliament had increased and in those times it was ordinary from the king to rule with parliament. However, Charles believed in the rite of kings, which is a political and religious doctrine stating the kings power comes from God and it is only the kings duty to rule the country. This definitely angered Parliament as it was taking away some of their power. He had also married Henrietta Maria, a French Catholic princess. This was not a good choice as at this time the country was still Protestant, reflecting badly upon Charles.

Charles then appointed a man named Laud as his Archbishop. He thought that people would feel closer to God if the churches were colourful. Some saw this idolatry, others took it as a Catholic practice.

The king of the country would normally be allowed to collect taxes fro all his life, this is his customs duties. However Charles was only allowed one year. Parliament were starting to take power from the king fro their own desires.

Charles had only been granted custom duties fro a year, but collected them after this allotted time, without parliaments permission. This was then the cause of the dissolving of parliament. For the next 11 years Charles had his own personal rule and no parliament. However, without parliament there to provide him with taxes, he was forced to come up with ways to collect money himself. He eventually came to the conclusion of ship tax. This tax was collected when the countries fleet was at war, however it was not. To start with people accepted it, but when Charles asked this from inland, people grew angry and said that they would not pay the tax. Only 20%...
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