The End of a Bad beginning

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Jeremy moffitt
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Mr evens
“The end of a bad beginning”
The end of a bad beginning to me is when I picked up a family habit of ,smoking cigarettes . I don’t know where my habit came from but I know I want, need and have to stop smoking . the reason for the all of a sudden change is because I feel it is affecting my breathing and daily life functions. In many words I feel it is affecting my brain cells an memory. The reason I want to quit smoking is simply because I feel like it’s taking over my life, every minute it’s a cigarette here cigarette there every five or ten minutes I am smoking again that’s not good on my body. Every day or every other day I am buying box after box of Newport’s at times I have found myself buying five boxes of Newport’s a day at six dollars and fifty cents a day is one hundred and fifty dollars a week. That is affecting my finances in a major way because I am going broke behind cigarettes and a habit that doesn’t need to be. I have even found myself begin short of breath when I am working out or when I am playing with my kids. That’s is crazy because I wonder is this because of my new found habit. In my own opinion I think I am on the road to having cancer in my later days or even in the nearer weeks and I have to be here to mentor my kids. In conclusion I feel like a hobby or something I do to relive stress can and may be the death of me.
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