The End

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Summer Reading Essay

Carelessness in society often leads to many incidents sometimes tragedy to occur. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses many incidents in his book to develop his idea of carelessness. Carelessness can often play a role in developing a conflict and put a person in a bad situation. [In the book The Great Gatsby, carelessness plays a major role and is displayed by people getting drunk at parties, and Daisy speeding a causing a car accident, which left one dead.]

One way of displaying carelessness is driving while drunk. While talking to guests at one of his parties, Gatsby hears a loud noise and goes to check it out. He discovers and car flipped over with the wheel off. Gatsby realized that the guy behind the wheel was drunk. “Wha’s matter?” he inquired calmly, “Did we run out of {book says “outa”}gas?” (page 58Fitzgerald 58). The driver was completely unaware of what he did. On top of that, the man doesn’t even know much about driving. “I know very little about driving-next to nothing” (page 58 Fitzgerald 58). Driving is an extremely dangerous act{activity sounds better}, however, since people do it every day, they don’t think twice about it. By driving drunk and not knowing much about driving, this man not only put his life in danger, but he also put the life of pedestrians and other people on the road in danger. His driving while drunk intoxicated is one of the acts used by Fitzgerald do to display his theme of carelessness.

Carelessness can often lead to tragedies such as death. After spending time in town while enjoying some drinks, Tom and Gatsby start fighting over Daisy, they fight about whom Daisy loves. After the fight, the group separates and Gatsby and Daisy drive home in Tom’s car. While driving home, Daisy hits Myrtle and kills her. Daisy’s carelessness was that she was driving while her mind was focused on the fight that just occurred, and not focusing on the road. Also Daisy was speeding, and didn’t even stop after the accident. “...
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