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By dannyjane131 Oct 09, 2014 322 Words

1) Victims sometimes do not leave a trafficking in persons situation because they distrust law enforcement, are fearful of traffickers, or are unaware of their basic rights.



2) Military, civilians, and contractors can be prosecuted for engaging in trafficking in persons overseas under _______________.

Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

United States government does not have jurisdiction overseas
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and United States federal criminal codes
United States federal criminal codes

3) Traffickers can be anyone who is willing to exploit people via force, fraud, or coercion to make a profit.



4) "Demand" for commercial sex and forced labor can include __________________.

United States military personnel

United States contractors

Women or men

All answers are correct

5) If you come across a trafficking in persons situation, you should immediately intervene and then call the authorities.



6) The PROTECT Act strengthens the ability to _________violent crimes committed against children.

All answers are correct




7) Taking appropriate action against trafficking in persons includes ______________________.

Educating peers about trafficking in persons and reporting suspected establishments involved in trafficking in persons to your command
Educating peers about trafficking in persons

Only buying sex in countries where prostitution is legal
Reporting suspected establishments involved in trafficking in persons to your command

8) Trafficking in persons generates over __________ worldwide each year and is one of the fasted growing criminal enterprises in the world.

$32 billion

$15 million

$15 billion

$32 million

9) Prostitution is always voluntary and consensual when the woman is paid.



10) Victims can be ________________________.

United States citizens

All answers are correct


Contractor employees

11) Trafficking in persons must involve some form of travel, transportation, or movement across international or national borders.



12) Which of the following factors can lure victims into trafficking in persons situations?

Deceptive hiring contracts

All answers are correct

Low wages


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