The Emerald Forest Last Final Midterm 7

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Amazon Rainforest, Human Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: November 19, 2014
The Emerald Forest
"The Emerald Forest" is a true story that illustrates unity, strength and incorporeality. The film is based on a young boy named Tommy, who was abducted by a tribe in the Amazon called “The Invisible People”. His dad, Bill Markham spends 10 years searching for him, until they meet by chance one day while Tommy was evading the "Fierce People". The “Fierce People” also dwelled in the Amazon, and were the Invisible People's enemies. When Tommy was finally able to bring his father to safety, he declares his refusal to return to his original family and civilization, claiming that he had become a member of the Invisible People. Bill is left in utter disbelief and resorts to the chief of the tribe to order Tommy to return home. The chief calmly responds by saying: “If I told a man to do what he does not want to do, I would no longer be chief." His statement demonstrates that a true leader leads by example and not by command, which ultimately reinforces his people’s loyalty because they are given the freedom to be who they wish to be. ["This admission gets to the very heart of the difference between "primitive" society and our own" (Proyect).] I grew up in a culture that glorifies the image of the monarch; questioning the sovereignty of the royal family is taboo, and those who dare to cross the line face dire consequences. Unlike the chief of the Invisible People, whose role combines governing and leading his tribe, an absolute monarch – like that of Jordan – exercises supreme power over the land, with the presence of counterbalancing political parties and governmental institutions In contrast, the role of the Chief of the Invisible People extends far beyond exerting power. He is a counselor who offers his advice to those in need, while allowing them to behave as they deem fit. This cooperative community flourishes in isolation because it has been left intact despite the encroachment of a globalized civilization that promotes competition...
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