The Elevator (Short Story Book Report)

Topics: Horror and terror, Horror fiction, Stephen King Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: February 27, 2014
The Elevator

The Elevator was a fiction horror/suspense short story, third-person point of view. It was written by William Sleator. William’s works were often suspenseful and chilling, just like The Elevator. I really wished it was a novel, not a short story because it was really interesting and hooky at the end. I liked the book because William really described the characters and setting, so I clearly visualized it. Twelve year-old Martin moved to an old apartment building with his father. It was an old building with an old, small elevator. Martin had always had a fear of elevators, afraid they would fall. Every time he was in the elevator, an old fat lady would be there waiting for him to get on, or when he would be on the way up it would stop for the fat lady. She stared at him the whole time they were together in the elevator. Martin got off the elevator really scared and confused. He told his father if he had ever seen her. Martin’s dad said no and made fun of him for being scared. One day Martin took the stairs to avoid riding the elevator with the fat lady. He fell off the stairs and broke his leg. After getting cast and crutches, he was forced to take the elevator again. On the way from the hospital, he rode the elevator with his dad. His dad got off the elevator in another floor, leaving Martin alone inside the elevator. On the way up, the elevator stopped again. The fat lady got on with Martin and pushed the Stop button. I think that the fat lady was always watching Martin in the elevator because she knew it was the only place she could watch him alone. She also knew he only had a father, who didn’t look out for him. She made sure that no one knew her, and she also intended to scare Martin off. I think she was waiting for the right time to do something to him. But why was she so interested in him? I think if William Sleator continued the book, because it’s a horror story, the fat lady would have taken a part of his body (liver, eyes, etc.) to...
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