The Elephant

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The elephant
Make a point-form list of the people, actions, or events that are “absurd”. 4- zoo director: is not possible to do a rubber elephant and nobody knows that is fake The worker- According the book the workers were old people, so is absurd that they tried to inflate the elephant with his their mouth. The children- in the story said, after saw the elephant was fake the children never believe in elephants and they turned into hooligans, this part is of course absurd, how the children turned into hooligans just because they saw an elephant fake.

Make a point-form list of the people, actions, or events that are realistic. 5- Zoo director- zoo director can’t afford to buy an elephant, this is realistic and he bought s fake elephant, this is realistic too The children- is realistic that the children stop believe in elephant but only for all their life maybe just one or three years Elephant- is realistic that the elephant was inflated with gas

6.     What might the following elements and characters symbolize?
1.     The zoo director: This symbolize a person who does everything for get more money or for get something good but sometimes the things that he does are bad
2.     The elephant: Sometimes the things that are fake can seem a true but always at the end is discovered the true
3.     The keepers: this people symbolize doesn’t important the things that they are doing they just do the work that the other person says
4.     The gas: Sometimes something can help you when you never know
5.     The schoolchildren: This symbolize persons who believe in all and are very innocent and when they saw something that they never thought can be for them a trauma
7.     What is the moral of the story?
Don’t try to do something good that seems bad

A.  “The Maiden Wiser Than the Tsar”

.     In point form, outline the five main parts of plot.
The first
2.     What is the main conflict?
3.     What lesson or reminder does this story...
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