The Egyptian Revolution Essay 1

Topics: Egypt, Egyptians, Ancient Egypt Pages: 7 (2155 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Ahmed Omar
Dr. Ansell
The Egyptian Revolution
On January 25th of 2011, Egyptians witnessed an ever changing event that would make history. For thirty years one man had been in charge of the whole country, and his so called democracy was actually a disguised dictatorship for the past thirty some years with one man in power stealing all potential wealth and growth of the citizens of Egypt. A revolution was thus called upon for better moral changes and justice. This revolution was well needed, which is my personal opinion as some Egyptians do not think it was necessary. The January 25th revolution caused many fatalities and misunderstandings between different groups of people, or I would like to call them different sub-cultures of people. This revolution caused miscommunication between the same kind of people, including people that have the same religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds.

To understand more of why and how this miscommunication and misunderstanding happened, I will talk about what I witnessed during the revolution and what other Egyptians and foreign countries understand about the Egyptian revolution. My perspective is fully based on my opinion as there are other people who think I am wrong. There are two main different perspectives on why and how this revolution happened and how it affected us. Mainstream perspective and my personal opinion. The majority of the world believes what is seen and heard on television, which is usually false or misleading in a sense. Many people agree with my opinion on the causes of the revolution, but the majority of the world believes the mainstream causes.

The main reasons, in mainstream’s perspective, are thirty years of unjust dictatorship, corruption, faulty constitution, extreme poverty, and the Tunisian revolution. My perspective contradicts all these examples I stated. I think those were just announced to make everyone think that Egypt had the largest and most successful revolution in the modern era. The main reason this revolution continued was because two major parties were fighting for power. Egypt had a civil cold war. There are two main parties in Egypt, the Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood party. For many years the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take control over Egypt and become the majority in the parliament, after many years of failed attempts, they thought to corrupt the country and to cause chaos, then act as if they were not the reason.

Day one of the revolution was on a Tuesday. At the time, I lived in Alexandria, Egypt, and was enrolled at the University of Alexandria, Faculty of Engineering. I was finishing the second semester of my junior year. I was in Cairo, Egypt on that day and my father called me and said do not drive back to Alexandria today. I was already half way through the three hour journey. He said there is too much chaos going on and people are murdering one another. I kept going anyways, and as I reached the gates of Alexandria, I saw a crowd of people gathered by a mosque rioting and shouting. I eventually got home to find out all schools and governmental sectors will be closed until further notice. January 25th is a national holiday to commemorate the police force, but instead Egyptians took to the street in large numbers calling it a “day of rage”. The people wanted Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s current president at that time, out of the presidential palace and office. The second day of the revolution the first bloodshed occurred in which a protestor and a police officer were killed during an anti-governmental demonstration. The police force took orders from Mubarak to use brutal forces against any reformers. Two days after the start of the revolution internet and cellular services were also taken down so no protestors can reach or contact other protestors. Tens of thousands of mad protestors demonstrated much hatred by chanting “The people demand the regime to step down!” All the citizens wanted was for a just and...
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